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Has Your Music Taste Been Living Under a Rock Song from the 70's?

Get in touch with your music fandom again.

I do the digging for you, opening your ears to new music you won't find anywhere else.

From initial consultation to ongoing dialogue, I will learn what moves you about rock and roll. Beginning on Day 1, I will share a steady dose of song and album recommendations to ignite your passion for music. We will also develop a custom "rejuvenation plan," with available services such as A/V Setup and Music Library Organization.

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Rock music is alive and well. Just ask The Rock Doctor.

Zack Stone is a rock geek among rock geeks. He studies music fandom from a unique insider-outsider perspective, having spent much of his career innovating in the music industry as both executive and entrepreneur. Zack has consumed far beyond the Gladwellian 10,000 hours of classic rock, indie rock and Americana, developing a razor-sharp sense of songcraft and musical qualities in the process. He also brings an A&R man's tenacity to discovering hidden gems in the vast streaming archives. Zack began his quest for music innovation as radio DJ for WCFM at Williams College, and that same burning passion for helping others energize their musical soul led him to launch The Rock Doctor.

Why Do You Need The Rock Doctor?

Access Better Music


The Spotify algorithm is disappointing; SiriusXM playlists barely scratch the surface. The Rock Doctor digs deeper than anyone to deliver incredible personalized music recommendations to you.

Avoid Stale Listening


Work with The Rock Doctor to develop the right cadence of new music to fit your listening habits. Receive exciting discoveries in on-demand bursts or a steady rhythm, and press pause whenever you like.

Upgrade Your Experience


The greatest music in the world can fall on deaf ears if your stereo, headphones, computer, smartphone, and car aren't in sync with your needs. The Rock Doctor can audit and elevate your music environment.

The Doctor Is In.
Are You?
Reach Out For A Free Consultation.

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Let's Rock!

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